Bad Seed: A Brother's Best Friend Romance 

Kindle Edition

Bad Seed: A Brother's Best Friend Romance by [Hart, Rye]


Bad seed. Reckless. Wild. 

I never told him how badly I wanted him.
Now my brother's best friend is back in town.
And things are about to get really crazy... 

I left town eleven years ago. 
Hell was behind me, and I vowed I'd never go back. 
Then I got an email that shook me to my core. 
"Theresa's in trouble." 
That's all I needed to know. 
When I finally saw her I cursed myself for leaving.
A vixen with lips so full and curves that could kill.
Danger's stalking her. Lucky for me, I like danger. 
The bastard who wants to harm her has a death wish.

Theresa's mine now. And I always protect what's mine.

***Bad Seed is a 70,000+ word full-length standalone novel with no cheatingor cliff-hangers. Exclusive accidental dad novel and bonus content included foryour reading pleasure! - Rye Hart (USA Today Bestselling Author)***


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